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Breaking barriers

Breaking barriers

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Shilpa Siddayyanavar Yarebudihal, Dharwad

Hailing from a family of four—parents, a younger brother and herself, Shilpa comes from very modest roots. Her father is a farmer, and mother a housewife. Shilpa’s mother means the world to her. She elaborates, “I am very close to my mother. She supports me in everything I do.

In her village, girl children are not allowed to go to school because of rigid stereotypes and if they are, they drop out after matriculation. Shilpa expresses, “I was the luckiest girl when my mother openly supported me for pursuing higher studies. I think that was the best decision that she ever made for me. I completed my matriculation scoring 92% and was awarded a monthly scholarship of ₹10,000 for one year.”

“The overall approach here is that of learning and growth for all its Fellows. I found this to be the ideal platform to explore myself."

Upon completing graduation, Shilpa saw what was a turning point in her life – her earnest desire to join a Deshpande Skilling program. She shares, “I approached my family, particularly my mother, with this wish of mine. Staying true to being my biggest champion, she trusted my decision. When I finally enrolled for the Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship, I truly felt like it was my first step towards a better life.”

As part of the Fellowship, Shilpa received training in ICT (Information and Computer Technology), reasoning and aptitude, etc.; however, she liked English and Communications classes the most as she was trained by Siddharoodha Biradar, a trainer whom she calls “one of the best trainers at Deshpande Skilling.” She explains, “His real-time examples helped me learn and understand clearly. I am much obliged to him.”

About life at Deshpande Skilling, she details, “The overall approach here is that of learning and growth for all its Fellows. I found this to be the ideal platform to explore myself.

Shilpa is now with Legato Health Technologies LLP, as a Claims Associate. Along with her happiness, it is palpable how much her mother’s blessings matter to her. She ponders, “After finishing my training, my mother saw such transformation in me… I became confident, bold and had good people skills, too. She was so happy to see this. The entire credit for this visible growth in me goes to Deshpande Foundation and Deshpande Skilling. Because of their program, today I am capable of leading my life and addressing problems I face.”

With a hint of pride in her smile, she says, Coming from a small village, I feel that I have achieved something in life.”